Greenacres Stables Riding Centre | Fully Licensed and Insured

Licence Holder : Ms Nora Catlow  |  Licence Number : N-RID28

Licensing authority :  Herefordshire Council 


Information & Prices

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We offer lessons for any ability, aged 4 and upwards. Whether you have never been near a horse, not ridden in 20 years, or are a keen jumper or competition goer, we have a wide variety of horses and ponies to suit all sizes and abilities.

Private lessons are strictly one-to-one. All adult lessons are taught in our large 35m x 55m outdoor arena with fantastic views in two directions, the other half is sheltered by a large hedge. We also benefit from a 20m x 40m arena which is much more sheltered and less daunting, perfect for little jockeys on ponies to learn the basics before moving on to the large arena.

Shared lessons consist of two riders with two instructors in the same arena at the same time. This ensures that each rider recieves maximum individual attention, while being able to ride with another at the same time. This is a useful option for parents with children of differing ages and/or abilities, or a parent and young child wanting to have a lesson together. 

Group lessons are for either 2 or 3 riders wanting to ride together with one instructor. These lessons follow the same booking system as private and shared lessons, we do not have set times for group lessons. If two riders are both on the lead rein but would like a lesson together with one instructor, we have plenty of assistants on hand to lead.

Taster sessions are 15 minute lessons designed for first time riders under the age of 12, and avid jockey's under the age of 4. All taster sessions are taught on the lead rein in the smaller arena to ensure maximum safety, comfort and enjoyment to the rider.






Own Horse

30 minutes





Under 4's                               £12 / 15 min

45 minutes





Under 12's







We are centred directly in between a vast amount of woodland on one side, and quiet country lanes, hills and lakes on the other with stunning views all around us. Our hacks range from 30 minutes to 4 hours and take us deep into the forest, up and down hilly tracks, over brooks, alongside abandoned railway lines, through the sleepy countryside lanes, around lakes and large open fields and meadows, with plenty of opportunities for cantering.

30 minutes                        £15

The 30 minute hack is especially popular with young adventurers. This route is well suited to Under 4's who are not yet able to participate in full length lessons but would still love to spend more time on the pony. The forest track which we ride through is rumoured to be inhabited by a magical fairy who lives in a rock, and a Gruffalo type monster who sleeps all day and awakes only to eat bananas. We strongly rely on little jockeys to save us from the monsters, which they do very successfully by chatting away to us. As a result, no one has ever been eaten by or even seen either creature, mainly because the rumours were made up by ourselves, although the track is now widely known as Fairy Avenue or Fairy Lane instead of it's original name, Gypsy Lane.

40 minutes                          £20

The 40 minute hack is designed for beginners, nervous riders, out of practise riders, families, and large groups of mixed abilities. This route is perfect for confidence building as well as a family activity which everyone is capable of. With staff accompanying on foot, safety is at a maximum and the hack is also available to those who have never ridden a horse before. It appeals to nervous riders for the same reason, it is an opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery from horse back without any worries.

50 minutes                          £25

Very similar to the 40 minute, we offer a  50 minute alternative where the staff is accompanying on horse back. This route has the option to trot. It still being a very controlled environment, it is ideal for those who have little experience trotting, know the basics but just have not had the opportunity to practise. We also offer this route to families of "holiday riders", and large groups who wish to go a bit further afield.

1 hour 15 minutes               £30

The 1 hour 15 minute route is a bit more adventurous, with even more lovely views en route, we advise that participants can walk and trot confidently and unassisted. Most horses are afraid of pigs, we are lucky in that our customer horses are not. The staff horses, however, can be systematically daft. The pigs (which are not even there anymore, but used to be years ago) combined with blue salt bins at strategic intervals along the lane occasionally cause our staff horses to lose their minds completely and need to follow another horse past the extremely viscious inanimate objects. For this reason, the other riders must be capable of basic riding, and willing to take the lead for a short distance of about 10 meters.

1 hour 30 minutes   £40 private  |  £35 group   

2 hours                      £50 private  |  £45 group

The 1 hour 30 minute and 2 hour routes take us into the historic and enchanting Forest of Dean. We try to keep roadwork to a minimum in order to ensure as much time in the woods as possible. All riders must be confident at walk and trot. Cantering is optional, although in groups we go at the pace of the slowest rider. These routes can take us up steep and shallow hills, through rough terrains and open forestry commision tracks, over brooks and alongside disused railway lines. With several different routes at our disposal, we can find the best route to suit your capability.

2 hour 30 minutes   £55 private  | £50 group

In the opposite direction, and past those pesky non-existent pigs, is the 2 hour 30 minute route. We travel down a fair amount of country lanes with breath taking views over May Hill and the Malverns, to a nearby golf course which is perched on the side of a valley overlooking fishing lakes. We follow a path adjacent to the M50 to a large, open field, which is absolutely perfect for a long (controlled) gallop. Participants must be experienced in walking, trotting, cantering and galloping. Our horses are wonderful in traffic, the M50 rushing beside us is not a cause for concern at all.

3 hours    £60 private  |  £50 group

4 hours    £80 private  |  £70 group

The 3 and 4 hour routes are for adventurous, experienced riders only. We delve even further into the depths of the Forest to the point where you feel almost as if you have entered Narnia. All routes are essentially the same as the 2 hour at the start and end, with a few different scenarios in the middle, a few more canters and exciting tracks to explore. We tend to keep these hacks to a maximum of 3 or 4 riders so that everyone has an all-round fantastic experience.

10% and free parking off for those who wish to ride their own horse

25% off for liveries (short and long term)



Large Arena                        £15  per hour

                                                             £5 per extra horse (up to 3)  Available Off Peak times only

We benefit from a large 35m x 55m sand and fibre arena with a full set of show jumps including wooden and plastic, colourful and rustic poles, wings and fillers. The arena has a high and sturdy 5 foot fence with rounded corners, with an on-looking field shelter nearby for spectators during unfortunate weather. The hedge surrounding two lengths of the arena provides a handy shelter from the wind, with stunning far-reaching views complementing the other two lengths.

Standard Arena                  £10 per hour

The other arena is 20m x 40m, with a woodchip surface and a slightly lower fence, ideal for small ponies and in-hand ground work. The smaller arena is next to but much lower than the large arena, directly against the fence, providing even more shelter while riding during poor weather conditions.

Field                                    £10 per hour

                                        £5 per extra horse (up to 2)

Beside the arena is a grass field which can be used for schooling on grass and jumping.


We have various equipment, including lunge head collars, JW training aids, draw reins, tack, bits, long reins and a harness set, all of which are available for rent along with the arena(s).

Parking                               £5 per day 

                                         No charge for Arena Users

Lorry and trailer parking is available, on grass and hardcore next to the arenas. We also offer this to those who wish to park up and hack. We are directly in between Linton Lakes and the Forest of Dean, providing us with awe-inspiring hack routes in all directions.



We offer various types of livery, from basic DIY to Full Performance livery. We are a friendly yard with excellent facilities and hacking. We completely understand that everyones horse means the world to them, and would like to offer the best for you and your horse(s).


Every type of livery includes a stable, two fields, hay/haylage and straw/shavings, and unlimited use of the arena. We have a large car park, including lorry and trailer parking, a highly secure locked and alarmed tackroom, lots of storage space, a kitchen, bathroom and socal area!

We offer all year round turnout (reasonable exceptions apply such as horrendous weather or contagious illness etc), with two fields available to yourself. We rotate fields on a 3 month basis, giving the fields time to be harrows, seeded, weeded and to rest. All horses are rotated the same day, preventing any equine nervous breakdowns! We are happy to prepare your new field and move your horse for you on rotation day, free of charge.


We do allow loose schooling and jumping in the large arena, providing your horse does not break the fence or gate (we have seen it all!). Use of the arena is unlimited, but as we are a working riding school you will have to book your slot. We have June Blakeway on site from 10am every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, available to give lessons. Teaching by another instructor of your choice is permitted on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, but you will have to provide your own insurance as this is not covered by ours.

Prices are based on hay and straw (haylage and shavings also available)

Short term DIY            £34 / 24 hrs  |  £60 / 48 hrs  |  £86 / 72 hrs  |  £108 / 4 days  |  £126 / 5 days

         £146 for 7 days  |  £202 for 14 days

Short term livery is available for up to 4 weeks. Your stable and field will be freshly cleaned, sweeped, bedded and water before you arrive, use of facilities and parking is included in the price. The 24 hour price reduces per consecutive night up until the 7th day. Individual extras are available to all liveries.

£58.50 p/w

£152.50 p/w

£180.50 p/w

£184.50 p/w

£196.50 p/w

£212.50 p/w

£58.50 p/m

£660.83 p/m

£782.17 p/m

£799.50 p/m

£851.50 p/m

£920.83 p/m

Standard DIY

Standard Full






Individual Extras

Muck out

Turn out

Bring in


Tack up

Poo picking






£5 / 30 minutes









30 min

1 hour

45 min

20 min

(for shows, hunting)









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