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The May Hill Expedition

May Hill is an impressive and well known landmark in the county of Gloucestershire, easily recognised by a distinctive group of pine trees growing at it's peak. On a sunny (or at least non-rainy!) day, you can see the Severn Estuary, the Forest of Dean, the Cotswolds and the Black Mountains and more with the views reaching out for miles over Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. The hill is home to roaming Belted Galloway cattle, semi-wild horses, and a vast array of wild fauna and fauna. May Hill is just as impressive in broad sunshine as it is in thick fog! 

We have created an opportunity to experience a breath-taking journey around the historic National Trust site on horse back, spending the night in the magical woodlands on the hill itself.

The plan:

Meet at Greenacres Stables at 4pm

We will have refreshments waiting, and some time to introduce ourselves and meet our horses.

Filling up water bottles etc and any last minute loo stops!

Depart from Greenacres at 5pm

By this time we will all be on our horses and ready to go, we shall set off from the yard and begin our adventure.

Around 8pm ish

Arrive at May Hill Farm. Untack and settle the horses for the night. Settle ourselves into our tents. 

Enjoy a "barbeque in the bush" experience in a rustic private camping area, surrounded by trees, horses and wildlife.

Breakfast at 9am

Wake up to the sounds of the countryside and coffee / tea and breakfast will be ready at 9am.

We will then ready the horses for the day and prepare to set off.

Depart May Hill Farm at 10am 

We will continue our journey over May Hill, taking in even more stunning and breath taking views as we go. There will be plenty of opportunity for photos.


Arrive at the Penny Farthing Inn at 12.30pm

A wonderful traditional country gastro-pub where we shall stop for lunch.

Depart the Penny Farthing at 2pm

The last stretch of our adventure begins as we head for home down the hill. This is the shortest segment of our journey as they tend to fill you up quite well at the Penny, but with yet even more spectacular views as we make our way back to the yard.

Arrive at Greenacres Stables at 3pm

We made it!

The plan above is a very brief outline of timings and what the expedition consists of. Words, however, cannot describe the experience that awaits. The initial departure time will be accurate, although, as with most adventures, there are a lot of factors which can affect the general timing of everything else. You will be absolutely guaranteed an experience you will never forget, dramatic and spectacular views, a wonderful evening and plenty to eat and drink. Oh, and of course, a horse!

The Expedition is available to everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned trekkers. Any dietary, medical or general comfort requirements and so forth must be discussed beforehand so that we can cater for you.

We do keep a close eye on the local weather and will update you the day before on what is expected, although reports are not always accurate so please pack according to your own needs as we cannot take responsibility for this. Any bags / luggage that you do not wish to carry with you can  be dropped off in advance and will then be waiting for you at camp. 

The total price of the adventure is £350 and is available to book every Saturday to Sunday, Sunday to Monday, and Wednesday to Thursday. Information on May Hill Farm can be found here : and the Penny Farthing Inn here :

The May Hill Expedition